Agapanthus Care Guide

Agapanthus, commonly known as African lily, is a genus of flowering plants that originally hail from the southern parts of Africa.

Noted for its striking clumps of lush foliage and tall, elegant stalks, agapanthus bear umbels of tubular flowers in shades of blue, white, pink, or lilac.

The plant’s name, derived from Greek words for ‘love’ (agape) and ‘flower’ (anthos), hints at its longstanding appeal. Its blooms are often used in ornamental displays and garden borders, appreciated for their vibrant colours and architectural structure.

Lush green leaves surround vibrant blue agapanthus flowers in full bloom, with delicate petals and long, slender stems reaching towards the sky

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How to Grow Cannabis: Expert Tips for Cultivating at Home

Cannabis cultivation has garnered significant interest, particularly in regions where its growth is legally sanctioned such as South Africa and some parts of the United States.

Growing cannabis, commonly referred to as weed or marijuana, entails a nuanced understanding of the plant’s life cycle, necessary environmental conditions, and nutritional needs.

Each phase is crucial for a successful harvest, from selecting the optimal strain to understanding the intricacies of the vegetative and flowering stages.

A cannabis plant grows in a pot, bathed in sunlight. Its leaves are vibrant green, and small buds are forming on the stems

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Garden Lighting Essentials: Transform Your Nightscape

Garden lighting enhances the beauty of an outdoor space long after the sun sets. Whether it serves to illuminate pathways for added safety or to accentuate the intricate details of a well-manicured garden, the integration of lighting can transform the ambience of a garden area. Different lighting designs cater to varied aesthetics and functions, making it possible to tailor the experience of an outdoor space to personal preferences.

Soft garden lights illuminate lush foliage and flowers, casting gentle shadows

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DIY Trellis: How to Build a Garden Structure Easily

A DIY trellis can transform a garden, introducing vertical beauty and increasing growing space for climbing plants. It’s a practical solution for gardeners looking to maximise their area, especially in smaller outdoor spaces. Whether for sweet peas, clematis, or even vegetables like runner beans, a trellis provides essential support, encouraging plants to grow upwards and flourish. With numerous materials and styles to choose from, including bamboo, wood, and metal, garden enthusiasts have the opportunity to customise their trellis to fit the aesthetic and functional needs of their garden.

Vines weave through wooden lattice, secured to a garden wall. Sunlight filters through the leaves, casting dappled shadows on the ground

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Choosing a Gas Braai: Your Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Perfect Model

When it comes to outdoor cooking, South Africans have mastered the art of the braai, an activity that’s much more than just barbecuing—it’s a social event, steeped in tradition and camaraderie.

However, the type of braai one chooses can greatly influence the convenience and quality of the experience.

A gas braai has become an increasingly popular choice among enthusiasts, offering both speed and precision in cooking.

The switch to a gas-powered unit often comes with the promise of control over cooking temperatures, ease of cleaning, and a more consistent heat source.

A hand reaching for a gas braai, set against a backdrop of a sunny outdoor patio with a lush green garden in the background

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