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Recycled plastic in food packaging

What do you think of this? Good that plastic is being recycled? Or should all of their packaging be recycled materials? 🙂

In attempts to find more environmentally friendly packaging solutions and reduce its carbon footprint, Woolworths has now become the first major South African retailer to begin using post-consumer recycled plastic in foods packaging. Since the beginning of September, Woolworths ready-to-eat sandwiches have been packed in containers made with 30% rPET (recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) made from recycled plastic bottles. Recycling 1 ton of PET bottles not only saves 6.2 cubic metres of landfill space but also saves enough energy to keep a 15 watt energy-saver light glowing for 24 hours. Woolworths first began using rPET fibre several years ago for the filling in duvets and pillows.

Woolworths is currently working towards moving beyond the 30% mark and also plans to roll out rPET packaging to juice bottles and other plastic packaging shortly. Zyda Rylands, Managing Director of Foods at Woolworths explains that