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Garden chicken. By salssa

Should we be keeping our own chickens?

I’ve got a pathological fear of non-free range eggs. Even if someone buys them accidentally, I still can’t force myself to eat them … my boyfriend and ex-housemate can attest to this 😉 I also realise that while free-range is better, the chickens are still crammed into pens and don’t lead a natural life. The best solution […]

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Hayseeds Pop-up Shop. Source: PSFK

Hayseeds, a pop-up shop located in Brooklyn catering to DIY urban farming and beekeeping

I heard an interview on SAFM last week about the alarming state of food security in South Africa, particularly for more economically vulnerable sectors of society. There was much talk about farmers and their costs, and supermarkets and their prices, but not enough talk on practical do-it-yourself food growing, which is a trend around the world. Check out […]

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Urban Garden from Bread365

Uthombo Urban Garden

The Umthombo safe haven off Winder st in the Durban CBD , is a place for street kids to stay the night, get some food and chill with other kids that dont have homes. They have started a surf club and are always grateful for any surf kit. I went there today to drop off […]

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Great new ideas for urban gardening

More than half of humanity now lives in cities, according to the United Nations Population Fund. This rapid and ongoing change presents a raft of new challenges, many of which create opportunities for resourceful entrepreneurs. Here are five concepts that target consumers’ increasing interest in growing their own food in the city: 1. REEL GARDENING […]

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Growing Ideas

This year’s Maker Faire included a section on do-it-yourself home and organic gardening. One exhibit came from Window Farms, which the proponents describe as “hydroponic edible gardens for urban windows.” Because they’re made of reused water bottles, these “farms” are planet-friendly, too. Detailed plans and instructions are available on the Window Farms website ( https://www.windowfarms.org). […]

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