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From Gill Bowden…

Dear Spriggers,

You haven’t heard from me for far too long. Rex said I should tell you about my latest humiliation. Jerome and I carefully planted a baby Umzimbeet (Milletia grandis) tree into our garden some three or so years ago. We have nurtured and cared for it plus have grown new trees from the seeds. Yesterday afternoon we were very lucky to be visited by experts on indigenous plants, Charles and Julia Botha. They said they really thought it was an exotic and not the Umzimbeet as we had thought. Horror! Shame!! Because they are such kindly and humble people (though they are absolute experts. If you have not read, absorbed and put into practice their wonderful book now newly published called “Bring Nature Back to your Garden“, you haven’t experienced an absorbing hobby and way of life that has become a passion to us), they suggested we take a specimen to the Botanic Gardens Herbarium in St. Thomas’s Road. This we did today and they are absolutely correct – how much more correct could one be than absolutely? They don’t know where the offending tree is from but it is definitely to be removed once a strong man has been found to do the task. Dr. Singh, the curator of the herbarium told us that they really like to be visited by members of the public and are delighted to help with advice on indigenous gardening. I think we should take up this offer and so learn more from the experts.

On a related topic, an article appeared in The Mercury on 17th November by Gloria Keverne. She says that there has been too much made of removal of exotic plants plus she is worried about the use of poisons and many other points. She suggests that nature is self-regulating and that