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Coastal forest

We came across this coastal forest in the Sodwana Bay Nature Reserve. There is a sharp contrast between the dry inland and the wetter, coastal region, which makes for interesting flora. Check out these thorn trees that were shedding their bark… Hella cool!

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Until my camera…

died, I was happily snapping pics of all sorts of fauna and flora in KZN. This tree was found in the Sodwana Bay Nature Reserve. Is it some type of Acacia?

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Northern KZN!

We were recently up in northern KZN and I have a fair few pics that I will be posting… We went diving in Sodwana Bay (my first experience in open water) and it was amazing! It was also great to be out in the bush (well, coastal forest) for a bit, although we cheated and stayed in log cabins… Nevertheless, at Coral Divers (which I can definitely recommend) we were treated to regular visits from monkeys (stealing food), uncountable butterflies, the occasional mongoose and this amazingly coloured spider! We also get these mongooses or mongeese – both are acceptable 🙂 at our parents’ house in Westville.. There is a band of about six of them in their garden.. Anyone know what they are?

I wanna go back to my little brown shack...


Underwater Gardens

We spent a few days diving in Sodwana Bay last week. It was my first experience of the South African reefs and I was mesmerized! There was an incredible range of corals in all shapes, sizes and colours with each centimeter yielding innumerable surprises from delicate geometric patterns to unlikely minute inhabitants.

Of course, the larger critters were also hanging out with majestic rays, unfazed