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Dune Destruction at Umgababa

After the good work that the municipality has been doing to regenerate the dunes on Durban’s beachfront, I was unpleasantly surprised to find this link on Coastwatch’s Facebook page.

Fishermen who use the beach at Umgababa are shocked at the systematic destruction of indigenous vegetation on sand dunes in the area. The devastation is clearly visible from the R102 on the way to Umkomaas. The surface area of a large dune is completely bare of vegetation. The dune is accessible through the Umgababa railway station, via  a side road and over the railway tracks.

“Huge machinery is being used to level and clean a huge area for what appears to be preparation for a building,” said one fisherman, who did not want to be named. They alerted conservation services to the dune’s decimation, however they were reluctant to attend to the matter. “A few hundred metres down the road, a house has been built on the sand dunes, basically on the beach. When this practice was prevalent in