Waste Exchange

The City of Cape Town has launched an Integrated Waste Exchange (IWEX) where anyone can register and list any waste items they’d like to exchange in the IWEX catalogue.

“IWEX (Integrated Waste Exchange) is a free online system that enables waste generators and users to exchange waste materials. Operating on the principle that ‘one person’s garbage is another person’s gold,’ IWEX facilitates the re-use of waste, thereby conserving energy, minimising resource use and reducing the pressure on Cape Town’s landfill space. The service is freely available to anyone who generates or uses waste, including companies, individuals, institutions, schools, NGOs and community groups.”

See more about it here.

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Recycling Report

­The South African Plastic Recycling Organisation (SAPRO) has released the results of its first annual SA Plastics Recycling survey in collaboration with the South African Plastics Federation, which reveals a 32% increase in the tonnages of plastics recycled over the four years to end of 2009, and highlights the positive impact of plastic recycling on the economy and job creation.

The survey reveals that 28,9% of all plastics packaging was recycled during the measured period, translating into

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Recycling in the garden

Hi Sprig

I recycle 2lt fair Cape milk bottles, yoghurt tubs and cereal packets – mini greenhouses, plant pots, seedling containers, seed sorters – for more info check out :

If it can be re-used before it is melted down to produce another item, I’m all for it. Only when I’m really finished with it, will I send it for recycling!




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Although we are a gardening blog, we are also a ‘green’ blog and like to reuse and recycling in the garden, wherever possible. I’ve recently started using old paintbrushes to prop up young trees, see pic below. How are you upcycling in your garden?




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War on waste…

In a bid to sort out the unpleasantries sometimes experienced in household waste removal, South Africa will finally put into effect the long-awaited National Domestic Waste Collection. This follows the publication of the National Domestic Waste Collection Standards by Water and Environmental Affairs Minister, Edna Molewa, under the National Environmental Management: Waste Act (Act No. 59 of 2008) after consultations were held in various provinces.

The standards aim to set out rules and regulations for how domestic waste should be collected in South Africa, as well as a guide for