Entrepreneurs turn to crowd funding for their business

mooibosMooibos Gardens is a startup company bringing vertical gardening into any space. It all began in the year 2012, when six commerce students of the University of Cape Town, competed in a year long Business Strategy project amongst 450 students. The Mooibos team was awarded first prize, which consisted of seed capital and consultation hours to launch the business.

Currently, three of the six team members, are pursuing the Mooibos Gardens business and are launching their product, “the Mooibos”, through the crowd funding site

The concept behind the Mooibos is to allow anyone to have a vertical garden on their wall. The product consists of a wooden framed box, which securely holds an array of pot plants. Very little space is needed and the Mooibos has been designed so that putting it up on your wall is as easy as hanging up a picture frame.

The launch through Thundafund, “the Crowd Funding Café for Creatives & Innovators in Africa”, allows the business access to funding and customers and is a way of helping the business enter into the market. You can pre-order a Mooibos on the Thundafund site, as well as pledge funds towards the Mooibos campaign. The launch is also going to allow the team the opportunity to sell different sizes and colours.

“Once your Mooibos arrives, it is ready to use and all it needs is your love and care for it to stay healthy.” – Shaun Michaels, one of the Mooibos Gardens founders

The Mooibos Gardens company has many future plans, and the main focus of the three young entrepreneurs, is to bridge the gap between those who garden and those who don’t.

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