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Is glass the healthiest choice?

Hey guys,

This week is Choose Glass Week and Consol has sent in something on the health benefits of using glass (see text below the bottles). What do you think about this? My sister says that leaving a plastic bottle in the sun and then drinking from it is not advisable as some of the chemicals leach into the water. A colleague also swears by glass and as a result we no longer have bottles of water in our workshops. Is glass the healthiest choice? What are your thoughts? And what about recycling? Consol claims that glass packaging has one of the lowest carbon footprints (cradle to cradle) when compared to other packaging formats. mol-d

From Consol: When it comes to choosing a packaging material, the most important consideration should, in fact, be health. Because if you think about it, most of what you consume is in some form of packaging. So, when it comes to glass,