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The grass is greener…

I am moving into a new place soon that has a small space for a garden. At the moment, the ground is covered with gravel, but I would like to grow grass instead. I would prefer not to use any grass that is GM, but still green, soft and that isn’t too thirsty. The garden is quite shady. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated?

Tarien Roux

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KZN Grass ID Course

Due to friendly requests from KZN residents, we decided to present a grass ID course in Durban this Wednesday, 26th January. Details here. At this stage we only have 3 reservations. However, the course WILL continue. We have a friendly request.

Can you please assist us to get more people on the course by informing your friends and colleagues about the course? We are aiming to get at least 10 reservations.

Your help will be much appreciated.

Frits van Oudtshoorn

Africa Land-Use Training

Contact number: 014 717 3819


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gardening in natal midlands

Please advise how to go about planting a natural grass garden in midlands, cold dry winter and hot rainey summer. Soil conditions, feeding etc. What is the best ‘lawn’ for a courtyard? Also, any tips for trees that handles severe cold.

From new area gardener


Grass ready to be planted

Does anyone know which street corner in Johannesburg is the best to buy rolls of grass?