The ‘Bat Garden’

My name is Jennifer and I’m a Garden e-Designer. My aim is to design gardens that are not only fantasy / futuristic in style, but also provide a habitat for urban wildlife. I have found that it is possible to create interesting and harmonious designs by combining these elements. Even if one’s dream garden, or vision of the future, is a rectilinear design in steel and glass, it can still include urban wildlife habitats. I for one, imagine a future where new design solutions and nature form symbiotic gardens. Urban wildlife is adaptable, and may feel as much at home in a suitable man-made structure, as in the wild. Plants come in so many forms that there are species to compliment any concept, no matter how unusual. South Africa has a great many unusual plant species to choose from.

I designed the Bat Garden to show how the same spatial concept and wildlife-friendly elements can be brought to life in

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