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Food for Waste feeds thousands

This seems like a great programme…

Government has announced that over 3 000 job opportunities have been created for poor and vulnerable communities through its Food for Waste Programme. The programme is aimed at assisting municipalities to provide waste collection services where they are unable to do so, to  create job opportunities, fight hunger and poverty, and to promote a clean environment, recycling, waste reduction and reuse. The programme is currently being rolled out in nine provinces in 30 municipalities and has so far managed to create over 3 000 job opportunities. It was initiated and implemented by the Department of Public Works in partnership with the Independent Development Trust as part of the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP), under the environmental sector.

Explaining how the programme works during a Social Protection and Community Development Cluster briefing on Tuesday, Public Works spokesperson, Lucky Mochalibane, said members of the community collected waste, which they