Slugs and snails

Common_snailDoes anybody have a solution to the above. I don’t want to use pesticides and poison in my garden but the slugs and snails have turned my clivias and orchids into a salad bar. Will talcum powder work?

Cindy. Durbanville. Western Cape

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2 pictures from Zelda Wahl

Hi Everyone Hope this will be appropriate! As chairlady to the Durbanville Garden club, it’s my duty to come up with speakers and new subjects to talk about at the monthly meetings. So I have chosen the theme ‘Creative ways with Junk’ for our next meeting on Mar 10th. Now this is where all you creative folks come in. I’m looking for ideas of containers that you may have found in the garage that can be re-cycled into a plant container imaginatively. I have shown two samples: The green basket is a peg basket that holds a Chrysanthemum in a pot and the other is in an enamel mug. I need ideas before next week Tues, so get those creative juices going and think out of the box.(Better still, throw the box away!) NB Please don’t send ideas to plant in a toilet or old boots!