Bruised aloe?

This aloe has what appears to be bruised stems. I think it could be a fungus. Any ideas on what is causing it and how to fix it?

P.s. it lives on a shady verandah.


Crazy Succulent

Check out this crazy, Medusa-like succulent my friend Kirsty has. Anyone recognise it and can provide me with some more information? I’d like to have my own, do you think it will grow from a cutting?

Medusa Succulent

flowers food succulent

A dark and dry place

There are three planters in the foyer of the office building I work at. They are large, triangular and could be quite attractive. Unfortunately they get no natural light or rain water! For the past couple of years I have been attempting to grow a variety of plants in them, with no luck. Can anyone suggest a plant or type of plant that would be hardy enough to survive?

flowers succulent

Name this plant

Hello Niall

Can anyone tell me the name of this plant. Apparently it is a cactus orchid or orchid cactus? Common name is Ricrac plant. I would like to know if it is pollenated at night? The plant is growing in a pot in my garden in Durbanville and has flowered for the first time in 4 years. A fellow member of the garden club says hers flowers every year!

Zelda Wahl


garden indigenous medicinal succulent tree

Plant and Seed Exchange

Hi Spriggers,

You will have noticed that we have given the site a new year’s facelift, a little cleaner and simpler. We hope you like it! Any suggestions welcome… 🙂 In addition to aesthetics, we will slowly but surely add new features to the site, the first of which is the Plant and Seed Exchange.

We began Sprig as a way to learn more about plants, which included sharing cuttings of our favourite plants with friends and family. We would like to extend this to our digital community on Sprig and encourage you to share seeds and cuttings with (or get them from) gardeners around South Africa. In all likelihood, unless you live in the same city as the person you are dealing with, this will have to be done by post. Therefore, only seeds and cuttings that will survive the journey (here we are thinking hardy plants, succulents etc) should be shared.

Please check out the new section, reply (and maybe assist) those who are already looking, offer something new or submit a request for that elusive flora. Details on how to submit HERE (scroll to the bottom). Again, suggestions and feedback welcome, we are just trying this out 🙂