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Sprig is six-and-a-half years, 1132 posts, 785 tags and 3401 comments old. We have some new, exciting, and time-consuming projects on the go, so to create new space, time and energy for these, it is time to say goodbye to our old friend, Sprig… The website is inactive but will be kept online as an archive. Thanks to […]

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Canola Meal in Durban?

Hi, I read your article and like the idea of using canola meal as a fertilizer. Where can I buy Canola Meal in Durban? Look forward to hearing from you, Ed

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Buffalo Grass Blues

Hi there, When we moved in there was newly planted buffalo grass in our back garden (south facing), this was about 2 yrs ago and it has died. We think it is because there is little sun, lots of trees and poor soil preparation, i think there is building rubble underneath the soil. We would […]

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Five Ways to Improve Your Raised Bed Garden Soil

Are you struggling with your raised bed garden soil quality? Or are you simply looking to extend its life? The following five tips will not only improve the quality of your soil, but will potentially add years to its life cycle as well. Cover Crop Many gardeners believe that this method is exclusively reserved for […]

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Seeds or seedlings?

Seeds or seedlings? Using seedlings is easier and saves time, but the variety of available vegetables is limited. Choose the strongest, healthiest looking plants. If the seedlings start out weak, they will always struggle to grow and your harvest will be small. Growing vegetables from seed can be challenging. I planted only seedlings for the […]

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