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WANTED: Comfrey and Black Sampson Coneflower


Do you keep Comfrey runners and Echinacea seed?

If so, I would be very interested in buying them.

Kind regards,

Lynda Jones

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Air plants

We have 2 lovely air plants (Tillandsia bergeri from the Bromeliad family) growing off our super productive lemon tree. After a quick google i learnt that air plants come from the same family as pineapples and the leaves are used as a herbal supplement to treat pollen allergies 🙂

Our plants are home to a multitude of other species including a massive furry caterpillar that looks identical to one of the leaves. These plants seem to have been connected to the lemon tree for many years and are happily growing and floating over the lemon tree branches. We are moving house soon and will miss the air plants in our new home. Does anyone know of a way we can take a small cutting without harming the parent plant and ensuring the cutting survives?

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Spekboom in South Africa

Here’s some info I found on Spekboom’s distribution in South Africa.

Addo Elephant National Park

Spekboom (Portulacaria Afra) grows in abundance in the drier parts of the Eastern Cape, especially on the high plateau Karoo hill slopes or flats (c. 400 to 1,060 meters above sea level) and is particularly prominent in the Addo bush to the south where there is significant summer heat. A vast section of Spekboom grows in the Addo Elephant National Park, situated in the Eastern Cape Province, near Port Elizabeth. The park was created to protect the once numerous Eastern Cape elephants. It consists of 12,126 hectares (30,315 acres) of bushveld, dominated mostly by Spekboom, which covers approximately 80% of the park’s area. Some 500 species of plants are to be found in the park. Elephants eat P. Afra from the top downwards allowing the plant to spread itself vegetatively by spreading

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Get wild with garlic!

I have just started looking at possibilities for a small garden in my flat and found that there is already a wild garlic plant growing…

We have already discussed its varied uses but it seems to have a few more….

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Essential Amathole

“Located in the scenic Amathole region of the Eastern Cape in South Africa, Essential Amathole has been established to produce a range of organic essential oils and medicinal plant extracts for the global market”.

Still and nursery in Hogsback

As many of you know, I keep returning to Hogsback, and Essential Amathole is one of the reasons. This initiative follows an incredible approach to sustainable rural economic development in 4 ways. Firstly, it is based on a public-private-community partnership.