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Sprig is six-and-a-half years, 1132 posts, 785 tags and 3401 comments old. We have some new, exciting, and time-consuming projects on the go, so to create new space, time and energy for these, it is time to say goodbye to our old friend, Sprig… The website is inactive but will be kept online as an archive.

Thanks to all those who have kept the blog alive over the years by reading, contributing and commenting. Without you, it would have petered out long ago…

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Iboza, the Wonder Plant

The team at the Woza eNanda Walking Trail are busy doing a clean-up of the area, with a focus on clearing alien plants. To this end their resident horticulturalist, Lindelani Zuke, has written a blog post on some of the indigenous plants found in Inanda, asking for feedback from the community regarding what the different plants are used for. I recognised one of the plants from my own garden, and after doing a bit of research I’ll definitely appreciate the rather wild iboza bush a bit more! It’s a seriously fast growing plant, and can take over your garden quite quickly, so has to be managed, but it has the most wonderful scent (which is where it derives its Zulu name from), and has medicinal properties that make it a great addition to your medicine chest. Iboza or Tetradenia riparia can grown nearly a metre in a year and is perfectly suited to Durban’s climate, preferring rain in summer and dry soil in winter. In addition to producing a great misty white flower, the leaves from the bush can be used for a variety of ailments including a sore chest, stomach ache and malaria symptoms. Inhaling the scent of the crushed leaves is also said to relieve headaches.


And if you don’t want to take our word for it, read the testimonials below – iboza really does sound a bit like a wonder plant!

“I just drank half a glass of concentrated iboza after a full glass of it diluted. I had a very bad cough and severely sore throat. My ears were on fire and my throat too, but now it feels like I was never sick. It’s the only natural remedy I know which combats sores and infections inside the body almost immediately, trust me, you’ll never go wrong with it. I use it on my four-year-old son too.”

“My mom used to use the iboza leaves to cure a cold or to alleviate flu-like symptoms or mild fever by boiling the leaves in water and straining. She would drink the hot water like tea!”

source: The Ulwazi Blog

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Wild Dagga for Eczema?

Can anyone help Avashnee and her son out? mol-d


I came across your website, and was wondering about  Wild Dagga (Leonotis Leonurus). I have a son who is suffering from very bad Eczema and many people told me to get him to bathe in this?

Please could you let me know.

Avashnee Manickum

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OFFERED: Spekboom seedlings

I have 5 small spekboom plants in a seedling tray that were taken from cuttings in December.

They are very healthy and I am happy for anyone in the Durban area to have them.

I really don’t want to post them!

Helen McNulty
African Cotton

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Plant and Seed Exchange

Hi Spriggers,

You will have noticed that we have given the site a new year’s facelift, a little cleaner and simpler. We hope you like it! Any suggestions welcome… 🙂 In addition to aesthetics, we will slowly but surely add new features to the site, the first of which is the Plant and Seed Exchange.

We began Sprig as a way to learn more about plants, which included sharing cuttings of our favourite plants with friends and family. We would like to extend this to our digital community on Sprig and encourage you to share seeds and cuttings with (or get them from) gardeners around South Africa. In all likelihood, unless you live in the same city as the person you are dealing with, this will have to be done by post. Therefore, only seeds and cuttings that will survive the journey (here we are thinking hardy plants, succulents etc) should be shared.

Please check out the new section, reply (and maybe assist) those who are already looking, offer something new or submit a request for that elusive flora. Details on how to submit HERE (scroll to the bottom). Again, suggestions and feedback welcome, we are just trying this out 🙂