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What tree is this?

Another call for help, another mystery tree.  This tree is growing in my neighbour’s garden.  It has masses of creme-coloured flowers with a citrus/vanilla scent, which naturally the bees love. Anybody recognise it? (more…)

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I went down to Clansdale on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast last weekend.   In the garden of the house we had rented was a dead tree and on the trunk this amazing fungi was growing. Normally I would just appreciate it for its beauty but I had recently been reading Pitta Joffe’s Creative Gardening with Indigenous […]

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Garden Essentials: Green Bin

This green bin is essential for any garden.  You can get them from most hardware shops and some nurseries for about R600. I’ve always had a compost heap but this bin keeps any food waste away from the monkeys and the heat it generates speeds up the composting process.  I put grass cuttings, weeds and […]

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Organic Gardening Workshops

At the moment I am not growing any food (apart from Spekboom I guess) but I would like to start a small vegetable/herb garden.  I am also interested in organic gardening but don’t really know much about it. I came across these courses offered by Dovehouse Organic Farms and think I may attend one.  Has […]

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The importance of feeding your soil (or why not to rake)

When we first move into our house we inherited a gardener who was very old-school in his methods.  His idea of a job well done was a cleanly-raked garden with all the leaves, twigs and plant matter bagged for the Municipality to collect.  As a consequence of this, the soil was sandy, red in colour […]

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