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Tyisa Nabanye – Urban Farm in Cape Town


We are a non-profit urban agriculture organisation growing food on the slopes of Signal Hill in Cape Town, seeking to improve food security, promote sustainable livelihoods and create employment for our members. Tyisa Nabanye, consisting of eight members; Mzu, Lumko, Unathi, Chuma, Lizza, Vuyo, Masi and myself, started a permaculture vegetable garden created out of the voluntary labour or youth living on the site, among whom are two graduates of the Permaculture Design Course at Seed in Mitchell’s Plain. We hold regular markets in which all residents on the site are invited to participate, and in this way have had a significant effect on raising hope and a sense of appreciation for our beautiful setting.


To know more about the project and how you can help, contact Catherine Nicks (Project Manager) on 072 601 1013.

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Help my Avo

Hi Everyone,

My avo tree is looking a little worse for wear. I am not sue what the issue is but the leaves have browned and it is looking a little dead. See pics.

I am sure it looks a bit like this each year in mid-winter but there are also a fair few ants on the tree. Any suggestions about how I might buck it up a bit? My son hammered a nail into it once, which helped.



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Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables

This is amazing!

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We are a brand new NPO in Durban called G.E.E.K2! which stands for Green Education Equals Knowledge and Knowhow! We go in to underpriveledged areas and educate the youths about sustainability and conservation concerns. We have just been allocated a little bit of money and want to use it towards sustainable vegetable gardens. I am looking for anyone who knows about teaching permaculture to contact me about teaching the youths about the permaculture principles and to show them how to set up a permaculture veggie garden. This information could be used at their homes as well which will benefit many people beyond the scope of the schools! If you can help please e-mail me on : or phone me on 0769160218. Thank you so much!!!!

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The Growers’ Club, Durban

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