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Sprig is six-and-a-half years, 1132 posts, 785 tags and 3401 comments old. We have some new, exciting, and time-consuming projects on the go, so to create new space, time and energy for these, it is time to say goodbye to our old friend, Sprig… The website is inactive but will be kept online as an archive. Thanks to […]

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Ori KickStarter project by Seed Guardians Slovenia

Dear friends of green world, Seed Guardians Slovenia have successfully lunched our Ori KickStarter project. We hope you like it and that you will support us with sharing and pledging. Like my grandma always say: “Every step counts and only you can make a difference.” Make a difference with us! All the best & big thank u, […]

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How To Move Garden Plants Like Rhubarb, Tomato And Asparagus

How To Move Garden Plants Like Rhubarb, Tomato And Asparagus In most cases, moving can be a very daunting occasion and requires several aspects in order to make it work successfully. There are a number of things to consider when moving into a new home and these could include storage facilities, moving your vehicle, transportation, […]

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What to Plant for Autumn and Winter in CT?

Hi All, My French beef tomatoes are loving the autumn rain amd sunshine – summer was too hot for them. As are my succulents. The rocket and basil are looking a bit dire. Which food-bearing plants can I sow now for coming autumn and winter months in Cape Town? Lettuce, rocket? Any suggestions?

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Earth Day Planting – Tyisa Nabanye

Hello fellow foodies and greenies, This Saturday Tyisa Nabanye, an urban agriculture organisation in Cape Town, is hosting a volunteer planting day to celebrate Earth Day. Join them in extending their garden, planting trees and feasting on a delicious (gifted) lunch on the slopes of Signal Hill. For more information follow this link : Hope […]

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