This website is now inactive but kept online as an archive. Thanks for everyone who participated over the years.

This is a gardening blog run by some enthusiastic amateurs from Durban.  We are interested in indigenous gardening, permaculture and growing our own food, and think they share a philosophy of sustainability.  We are also interested in other types of gardening, nature and environmental issues, and encourage you to share your experiences, knowledge and information on the blog.

Through this blog we would like to connect with fellow gardeners in South Africa and around the world, share photographs and stories of our respective gardens, get hints and advice, and discuss other issues related to gardening and the environment.  If you have something to contribute, see our CONTRIBUTE TO SPRIG section and email in some blog posts. Or just add a comment to our posts and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

A Disclaimer (of sorts)
We get our facts and figures from books and from fellow gardeners so may occasionally get something wrong.  Feel free to correct us.

A few articles have been written about our blog in newspapers and magazines. Scans of these can be viewed at our Flickr group.

Journalists – please contact us if you would like to run a story on our blog. We are happy to conduct interviews and can supply you with visuals.