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Help identifying tree often used in landscaping

I would like to know the common and/or scientific name of this tree if anyone can help? I believe its indigenous and now often used for roadside landscaping. Any clues?

Cape Town

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Whilst I am not in Cape Town I have seen these trees (I think similar) in the Kloof / Camp Street area. My assessment was that they are Celtis’ (White stinkwoods family). The pale bark is also possibly a clue? And the fact that landscapers like the Celtis’. Syzigium cordatum has a heart shaped leaf – these leaves were rough and serrated. Interestingly the Parks Dept in Durban planted Celtis sinensis (in error since these are not indigenous) in Swapo Road – so maybe check exotic Celtis’ as well. Hope this helps!

Hi Sprig – I was too hasty – don’t use my incorrect opinion …. please edit – zooming in I think Syzigium is closer to the truth … I was trying to identify the Kloof / Camp street trees and at a glance the trees in the post looked similar – not so when I was able to zoom in on my pc I concurred with the Syzigium asessment .. Margaret

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