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WANTED: Neem Tree – KZN

Hi there,

Could you possibly advise me on where one can get a neem tree(Azadirachta indica).Unsure if this tree is available in South Africa. I live in KZN.

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The slinga berry ( syringa, China berry etc) …and the neem tree are not the same. Same family. But leaves of been are medicinal whereas the syringa is poisonous

Dear every
One I am also in kzn need to know more about neem trees. I also Google them and saw it pictures, I notice that maybe the tree is one of the popular tree all over here but I need to be sure whether is this tree known as UMSILINGA in Zulu name ?

I have neem plants and trees Im in kzn port Shepstone my number is 0744295850 available from 1pm everyday

Hai I live in kzn port Shepstone I have neem trees and plants, my phone number is 0744295850 available from 1pm everyday thanks.

Looking for neem trees or the seed. I have moringa but looking for the neem trees. Also in KZN Durban

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