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What is this plant?

I have this plant in my garden and I need to know what it is, it is a very fast grower and already higher than the roof. The leaves grow cylindrical around the stems and it now has green berry like “fruit” in a cluster. Can someone please help?

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it looks like the wild tobacco or commonly known around these parts as bonga bonga – if you break a leaf or pull the plant out it has an awful, strong smell. It is classified as a weed to get rid of immediately. The birds love the seeds and they pop up everywhere once they have been eaten by birds. These and the lantana are terrible alien plants in our area.
I suggest you remove it immediately, but it will take some work as the roots are strong and deep…

It looks to me as if it could be the bug weed Solanum mauritanum -if it has prickles -this an invader species which must be removed .
There is also an indigenous S. giganteum -the red bitter apple -which as red fruits March to April – with no prickles -which can be grown. Birds are attracted to both.

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