What is this weed?


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My word – the flowers are so beautiful, like little snow white drooping bells! It surely deserves to have a lovely name! Sorry I don’t know but is some ways, the flower reminds me of a lily my mom used to have of which I only know the common name as the Eucharist Lily.
I came here hunting myself today, but quite frankly don’t know where to submit my post, as I can’t ask on the plant and seed exchange and can’t seem to find your common gardeners blog?
Anyway, hope somebody can help: I want to know what is the botanical name of the common “suuring” which grows in abundance in all gardens throughout South Africa? Is it Oxalis and if so, is the most common variety Rumex atosella? I am looking for what my friend in the US refers to as sheep sorrel, which is edible down to the roots and which my friend uses to make a delicious tangy tea and another complete herbal health remedy. Apparently it has great benefits, especially when used in conjunction with slippery elm, burdock root and turkish rhubarb root according to an old recipe made famous by a lady in Canada by name of Rene Caisse. My friend sent me the original recipe which I am happy to share with anyone as it is freely available on the Net ..
I would very much appreciate a response from Sprig.

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