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Help my Avo

Hi Everyone,

My avo tree is looking a little worse for wear. I am not sue what the issue is but the leaves have browned and it is looking a little dead. See pics.

I am sure it looks a bit like this each year in mid-winter but there are also a fair few ants on the tree. Any suggestions about how I might buck it up a bit? My son hammered a nail into it once, which helped.



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Not a specialist – but depending on where you live (you do not say) it may want water. I believe they require quite a lot of water – especially when blooming or forming fruit.

I read somewhere that knocking nails into avocado trees does not help at all. Theory is that it will improve the taste or yield more fruit.

Avocado trees are sub-tropical to tropical plants and the browning of the leaves in winter may be due to the cold or frost (if you live in a frost prone area). Some frost fleece in the winter will help with both issues, just be sure to secure the frost fleece as it becomes like a sail in the wind and may damage the plant.

Ant activity might indicate a pest problem, such as scale, where the ants collect their sugary excretions as the feed. These can be either soft fluffy white things or little black ‘upside down cups’ on the stems. Large scale infestations can kill plants and I have several home made environmentally friendly recipes that you can try to get rid of the infestation at:

Too much fertiliser can also induce chemical burn in plants and browning of the leaves. Avocadoes will do well with feeding in spring and summer.

I hope that one of these solutions will assist with your avo problems 🙂

Good luck,
The Shroom

I would suggest applying mulch to the base of the tree. Anything pruned from the tree and dead leaves should be used as mulch. Avos have a shallow root system are thus susceptible to drying out easily.
Hope this helps.


My avo tree was still green during the winter. Oh I am staying in Groot Marico,North West. In about a week the leaves turned brown and some of the branches a dead. Avo’s are growing in our area.

I don’t know if it is the same with yours Helen

Please if you can help I would really appreciate it.



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