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WANTED: Wild Garlic

Hello, I live in Durban KZN and i am looking for the Wild Garlic Plant. Does anyone know where I can get it?


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If you mean the one with purple flowers, I have plenty. I think it comes in plain green and well as variegated leaf – I have the plain green leaf variety.You are welcome to dig some out to take home and plant. Where do you live? I am in Northdene.


Can i have your phone number so ttat i acn phone you and make arrangements to come get some of these plants.

Hi JuliannaGee

I am awiating your call as to when i can come and get some of these plants.

I really appreciate this offer you have made.

I live in Parlock which is not very far from you.

Hi Reena

Just read your post now. Sorry – I only have access to a computer and therefore this web site at work . I will contact you soon.

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