food garden


These are pretty cool Spriggers!

GROWbag is a unique outdoor planter that serves only one purpose: To fit into ones life and any living space! The easy way to grow own vegetables, herbs, plants and succulents regardless of the size of the garden, balcony, driveway or wall and roof space. We have taken old billboard vinyl skins that would normally be thrown away and converted them into our own unique planters. This recycled vinyl is highly durable and incredibly long lasting – which makes it the perfect material for our GROWbags!

We are collaborating with the Soil For Life organization and have created the planter that makes growing one’s own food a simple and effective solution for all the participants of the Soil For Life programme. With every GROWbag purchase, one can help fund a XL-size GROWbag for a family in the communities in which Soil For Life is active.

Each GROWbag is handmade in Cape Town by skilled producers who pride themselves with quality work and ethics – empowering their staff members and creating jobs.

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