Kirstenbosch Tree Canopy Walkway

I’ve been on a similar walkway in the UK (I think Kew Gardens) – it was awesome!

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, in line with the leading botanical gardens of the world, is constantly striving to give its visitors the fullest experience of the biodiversity, complexity and beauty of its resources.

One of the lesser known areas of the garden is the Arboretum, which houses a collection of over 450 indigenous trees. In order to celebrate a 100-year partnership between the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI)/Kirstenbosch and the Botanical Society of South Africa, the decision was made to build a snake-like steel structure amongst the tree tops of the Arboretum. Affectionately known as the “boomslang”, the pathway will wind and curve through the branches and tree trunks in much the same way as a boomslang or tree snake would do.

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Csn you please let mr know when tge canopy walkway will be completed?im sa working in uaesnd every year i make s point if visiying kirstenbosch.i cant wait to see andcecperience iy

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