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Indigenous Raspberries?

Raspberries05Do you know if there is an indigenous raspberry plant?

I was given about 5 raspberry bushes which i was told are indigenous, but I cannot find any information on them. The bush doesn’t grow very tall (about waist height), and the raspberries are a different red to the ones I have seen in stores, and they have a very perfume like flavour, which is lovely.

I am now growing them, but would like information about them.



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Hi Megan

You got me interested so I did some searching.

According to Sandi’s Red list of South African Plants (, there are twenty-three species in the genus Rubra, which is the rasberry/bramble family. Of these, only nine species are truly indigenous to South Africa. Another two are of uncertain status and the remaining thirteen species are exotic aliens that have become naturalised in South Africa.

There is room for error in identification here: some plants have been naturalised for such a long period of time that it has become generally accepted that these plants are indigenous to South Africa.

There are two sites you can go to that have pictures of the indigenous Rubus species:
which has loads of information about South African and naturalised Rubus.

If you can’t identify your plants from any of these sources, they may originate from the naturalised group. You could then do an individual search for each of the species of Rubus in the Sanbi red list that has the words ‘not evaluated’ behind it. Type in the full latin name then go straight to ‘images’ so you can compare your plant.

Have fun hunting.

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