Flowers have great health benefits

Perhaps flowers are the most underestimated gifts of nature when it comes to promoting better health for people. Whenever one visit sites that promote natural ways of healing what usually get the credit for improving a person’s well-being are plant roots, vegetables, and fruit. Flowers are generally treated as accessories, used  as displays to beautify homes, gardens, offices, and anywhere else they might be placed. However, studies have shown that flowers too are beneficial to people, especially to seniors.


Benefits of Flowers to Health

A recent study, funded by the Society of American Florists, found that flowers had a positive effect on senior citizens. The test was conducted with a group of 100 volunteers with an average age of 73. The group was divided into two, one that received flowers and the other that didn’t. At the end of the study it was discovered that 81% of those who received flowers had decreased signs of depression, 72% scored higher in memory tests, and around 40% of them became more sociable and formed new bonds with others.

These results are backed up by research carried out by the Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital, which found that merely putting fresh flowers at home made people less anxious and boosted their passion to work. In a way, these studies give sense to the fact that people give flowers to the sick. Perhaps subconsciously, freshly-cut lilies, orchids, or daisies really make people feel better. On the other hand, these studies also give insight as to why loads of white M&S Flowers are being ordered by men every year to console their significant other. Apparently, white roses are the universal symbol for truce between lovers.

Flowers Commonly Used in Making Medicine

Perhaps the studies’ results aren’t that surprising to practitioners of Eastern medicine. This is because flowers have long assisted doctors in curing sicknesses for thousands of years. For example, the oil obtained from sunflowers is still being used to suppress swelling of muscles and joints. On the other hand, chamomile is used for aromatherapy and its extracts are utilized to counter skin aging. In the end, no matter how flowers are used, one truth is that they’re very useful to people. Whether they’re used as ornaments to homes or substances for healing, flowers will always be an important part of human life.

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