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WANTED: Bitter Melon Seeds

I am looking for bitter melon seeds, also known as bitter gourd, foo gwah or karela. I can swap almost any vegetable seed or wouldn’t mind paying either. I am in Pretoria.

Thanks, Sarina.

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I would not be able to help you with bitter melon seeds; but, I was wondering if you would like to swop fruit, vegetable and herb seeds with me. I have a big variety; including very exotic seeds.

Thank you

HI Dear, Do you still need bitter gourd (Momordica charantia) seeds? I would like to trade it with you for calabash (Lagenarnia siceraria) or succulent seeds like Elephant Foot (Dioscorea elephantipes) seeds.
I studied in South Africa 26 years ago for one year and travelled a lot around the country. I know there are a lot of different calabashes and plants there.
As an hobbist, I’m growing watermeons, melons (melon, var. albida Makino), wax gourd (Benincasa hispida) and calabashes. Please contact me

Would you like swap karela seeds with succulent seeds with me? I can teach you how to grow karela. I live on Taiwan, such a distance is not a problem for swaping of hobbyist. It is winter on SA, when spring comes, you can grow it.

Hi I can’t find it in Ssouth Africa , I live in Pretoria. I tried to contact mbolo but to no sucsess. If some one can help me find Bitter gourt seeds it would be a blessing.

Hello everyone, if anybody is looking for karela in Johannesburg; you can find the vegetable at a fruit and veg store in Joburg called Rama’s corner 6th and church street, Mayfair.Its an Indian run veg store and they stock a variety of stuff that you would not necessarily find anywhere else. I’m sure if you sourced the vegetable you could get the seeds from inside. I was also able to find turmeric root, madumbi and calabash there.

Hope this helps…..Bye

Carera l used to sell it when l was in Zimbabwe to diabitic people :and l used to buy it to some farmers who where planting it for indians:the last time it was 5dollars a satchets of 3 which is 50 rand :call me 0848646270 for more information

Hi SariNa

Did you find bitter melon seeds? I am also in south africa


Looking for seeds or cuttings of the Rosella (Roselle Hisbiscus Sabdariffa). Found some on line, paid but apparently now cant supply. I grew it many years ago and makes lovely jam.
I will offer some Impala lily and Marlothi cactus when I collect this year.for anyone wanting some,

I’m looking for bitter melon or it seeds I’m in south African please help me

Hi I’m looking for bitter melon or it seeds I’m in south African please help me.u can whatsapp me at 0613016366

Hi Archie in Nigel, South Africa, kindly help I am looking for Karela seeds.

Good day anyone looking for bitter melon cuttings I have based in Benoni 5orand a can WhatsApp me on 0721994905.

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