Slugs and snails

Common_snailDoes anybody have a solution to the above. I don’t want to use pesticides and poison in my garden but the slugs and snails have turned my clivias and orchids into a salad bar. Will talcum powder work?

Cindy. Durbanville. Western Cape

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I’ve read that saucers of beer sort the snails out! Not sure if the hangover finishes them off or if you are meant to pull them out and dispose of them. Good luck!

Julia you need to start drinking a lot of coffee – not the instant kind! and then put the coffee grounds all around your plants … snails don’t like coffee! The coffee grounds are also supposed to be good for cycads and will get rid of scale. Good luck!

Fine salt dehydrates them. Sprinkle it over and around them. Aluminium foil containers and cucumber also work – slice some cucumber into the foil container and scatter amongst your plants. Apparently it gives off something or the other that they do not like. This worked amongst my husband’s orchid plants. Good luck! Now can anyone advise on grass-hoppers??????????

Crushed egg shells keep snails away. Keep all your egg shells and crush them, sprinkle around the plants you want to keep the snails off, and that will do the job for you.

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