Another snake

This snake was in our lounge over the weekend. We live upstairs in a maisonette and have had a few visiting snakes over the years. We swept this one down the stairs and into the garden. Does anyone know why a snake would come into the house, especially upstairs?

Helen McNulty

African Cotton

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It looks like a Variegated Bush Snake. They commonly come into houses, as they eat lizards and geckos. They can also climb up sheer walls, so access is no problem. They are not poisonous, but are very aggressive and quick moving.

Hi there.

A snake comes into a home either following mice, for warmth or to find a quiet spot to shed its skin. I found a cobra skin in my home behind boxes that I was storing in a concealed spot in my lounge. Could you imagine….my word. I have kids, grand kids and dogs. But it came in, did what it had to and left again without harming anyone or animal. It is known that snakes seldom hurt, or should i say bite unless threatened.
Interestingly I have also found out that cobras don’t necessarily bite a deadly bite. They can bite to make you incredibly ill because they were caught unaware….but if threatened they tend to pull a lot of venom to give a deadly bite. Just very interesting. A puff adder however when curled up and sleeping…if stepped on will be a deadly bite.

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