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Indigenous and carnivorous

I got these awesome indigenous carnivorous plants today, from Pans Carnivores. They have a variety of indigenous and exotic plants and delivery throughout the country.

The indigenous drosera grow wild on Table Mountain and throughout the peninsula. Half of these are going to live inside at my office. Will keep you posted as to whether they thrive inside or not!


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They will grow inside – prefer a sunny window. They catch all kinds of insects and the leaves curl up and suck out the juices from the insect. They send up a long stem with lilac flowers and if you are lucky and they are happy, they will produce offspring. I will post a photo later showing the tub of them we have outside in the full sun. They produce masses – my husband pulls them out by the bunch and throws them away they get so prolific! Oh, and only rain water please – tap water has too many chemicals.

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