One’s garden: a health paradise

Spending time in a natural space is the best way to regain vitality. Fresh air, natural light and the smell of trees and flowers can really help body and mind to slow down and relax. Working in the garden is a great way of finding oneself – a way back to nature and of doing some physical work. This can help balance out stress and the immobility of everyday life caused by sitting in front of the computer, sitting on the bus to get home or sitting on the couch in the evening.

Working in the Garden

The garden as outdoor living room

Many people see their gardens as an outdoor living room. While the green lawn serves as a natural carpet, the trees can be a perfect place to rest in the shade. Others save some garden space for patches for vegetables and fruits. Increasingly popular is the growing of asparagus, which contains many vitamins and removes toxins from the body.¬†Growing one’s own food and the time spent in a natural environment improves one’s mental and physical health. The entertainment offered by birds in the air, the blowing wind and moving leaves allows people return to simple thoughts far away from the workplace.

Seeking health of body and soul

For people who do not have the space or time to grow and maintain a garden, there are other ways of regaining a balance between work and free time. There are several options including the sauna and gyms, which make people happy and healthy at the same time.

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