My name is Jade

I’ve been wanting one of these awesome jade plants for ages (they are retro and cool) and my housemate brought some cuttings home. Any tips on how to look after this fascinating plant?


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This delightful succulent is commonly called ‘Donkey’s tail’ (Sedum morganianum) and comes from Southern Mexico and the Honduras. It grows best in full sun, or as much as it can get if it is a house plant. The soil must be very well drained and water it whenever the soil is almost dry during spring and summer, but only once a month during the colder months. If you do forget to water them on the odd occasion, they are very forgiving and will soon recover.The tails shed their leaves very easily leaving naked stems that are not really attractive. Mine got so heavy it broke the stick it was hanging on and took some serious damage. If you Google the latin name and go to images you will see some amazing pictures of this plant. After seeing them I have decided to re-pot the undamaged parts of my plant and start over.
You can grow new plants from the leaves but I have had very little luck with this – mine always seem to rot. Here is a method I found on the web which I think I shall try: Place individual leaves on a cactus/succulent soil mix – (coarse sand would probably work), in any well drained container. Cover the dish until they sprout. Nothing was mentioned about watering.
I think I would sprinkle just a hint of water onto the soil and tie the container inside a plastic bag. I would imagine that they will need a warm, sunny spot. If anyone else has a better method, please let us know.

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