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Seeds or seedlings?

Seeds or seedlings? Using seedlings is easier and saves time, but the variety of available vegetables is limited. Choose the strongest, healthiest looking plants. If the seedlings start out weak, they will always struggle to grow and your harvest will be small. Growing vegetables from seed can be challenging. I planted only seedlings for the […]

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My name is Jade

I’ve been wanting one of these awesome jade plants for ages (they are retro and cool) and my housemate brought some cuttings home. Any tips on how to look after this fascinating plant?

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Chilli chilli

Hi Spriggers, I’ve got bushes and bushes of these little chillies, can someone give me a recipe to make a chilli jam or something? Cheers!

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Best Marigold

I live in Durban, where marigolds grow wild. Recently I’ve seen bunches of them for sale at Food Lovers Market. I assume they are for eating as they are sold with the vegetables not the flowers. What can I cook with them?

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Please help: what are these lovely plants?

Spriggers I love these bushes in my garden but am not sure what they are called. They have lovely flowers and berries. Can someone give me some more information on them?

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