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OFFERED: Gloriosa rothschildiana seeds

I have some seeds of Gloriosa rothschildiana to give away. The parents were attractive to my mind, with broad petals and a good red / yellow contrast. Note: the seeds and all parts of the plant are quite toxic! Handle with the necessary respect. Send me an email with a postal address and I will forward some seeds, while stocks last 🙂 So that I don’t get spammed to death, my email address is: delta,uniform,tango,charlie,hotel,echo,sierra, here.

Mulch love,

Dookie 😉

PS… the pic is slightly mischeivous – I picked the flowers and stuck them into the Stephanotis to create Stephanoriosa florichildiana 8-0 Gloriosa does best in full sun or with light shading. Will usually flower in the third season from seed, but worth the wait!

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