Hippeastrum in KZN where it’s wet & humid?

Hello all the sprigs. Spriggers, spriggets, sprigsters.

I’m in search of some elusive advice and wondered if you could help. I might be relocating to KZN soon – somewhere near the coast, like Durbs or Port Shepstone or thereabout where it’s wet & humid, like it isn’t in Pretoria. I have some much loved Dutch hybrid hippeastrums which do fine up here as long as it doesn’t get cloudy & wet for extended periods in which case they break out with awful red rust (stagonospora curtisii). So I wondered whether Hippeastrum is grown successfully outdoors in gardens down there to any degree and with any great success. Intuition says they will be completely infested under those humid and often wet conditions. Is there hope or should I find a new home for my hippy collection?

Thanks. Mulch love from Pretoria. Dookie

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