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e-Waste Recycling This Saturday, 6th April

In an increasingly electronic world, the amount of e-waste we generate is on the rise. The e-Waste Association of South Africa has announced the first of this year’s ‘National e-Waste Collection Days’, scheduled for this Saturday, 6 April 2013. e-Waste management companies will ensure that all the waste collected is dismantled, processed and or disposed of in an environmentally sound manner within the eWASA guidelines for e-waste dismantling and recycling.

According to eWASA chairman Keith Anderson, this year there will be 644 points nationally where the public can drop off e-waste, many of these points are permanent collection points while some will only be operational for the day. Click on the ‘Collection Day’ tab for a point near you:



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yes, it is good to know how you can safely dispose of this stuff. it ends up gathering dust in a corner somewhere…

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