Bruised aloe?

This aloe has what appears to be bruised stems. I think it could be a fungus. Any ideas on what is causing it and how to fix it?

P.s. it lives on a shady verandah.

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might be a lack of some kind of nutrient? or else perhaps overwatering? as far as i know, aloe soil needs to dry out a bit between watering… has there been a lot of rain in your area?

Poor aloe indeed! No sun, probably too much water……… Looks like the stressed out plant is slowly rotting, fungus or not. Try putting it in the sun, and reduce watering. Aloes don’t grow in shade and are extremely water wise.

Try spraying with Lime sulphur every month. Most aloes like full sun, little water and poor soil! I call the brown spots “rust”. Dont know if that’s the right technical word.

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