Crazy Succulent

Check out this crazy, Medusa-like succulent my friend Kirsty has. Anyone recognise it and can provide me with some more information? I’d like to have my own, do you think it will grow from a cutting?

Medusa Succulent

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I am pretty sure that this is Euphorbia flanganii. This specimen has had way too much shade so the stems are very long and skinny. In the wild the stems are sturdier and shorter. It is unlikely that this plant will flower without a lot more sun and less water. In the Eastern Cape it grows in full sun shaded only by the surrounding grasses and flowers quite profusely. I have grown it from cuttings taken from the base. I had no luck with the very skinny stems but some of the sturdier stems took root – eventually – and it was another couple of years before they began to form the thick caudex-like root. Unfortunately five of my six plants, including my mother plant, rotted when we had unusually heavy rains last year. Google Euphorbia flanganii for pictures of what it looks like when grown in sunny, dry conditions. If you want to try cuttings, try to get a bit of the base attached to the stem, allow the cut to dry out for a couple of days and plant in very well drained sandy soil. Don’t over water.

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