One potato, two potato …

I’m guessing my kitchen must be a good spot for sprouting! Last month I spotted a potato with some shoots that I’ve decided to try and grow. Today I discovered this sweet potato, making a run for life. What do you guys reckon? Should I give it a chance, or make a soup out of it?


My sweet potato with shoots!
My sweet potato with shoots!

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Niall – The sweet potato has the most beautiful vine-type leaf growth, and providing that you plant it in a big enough pot, and keep it watered, it’ll produce for you 🙂

Go for it – give it life!

I agree with Louise Rash’s suggestion. I have even managed to get potatoes to grow from just a slice about 1 cm thick cut from a sprouting potato. That way one gets the best of both worlds. Enjoy your soup and harvest.

My sister in law sent me a sweet potato she “forgot” in a bag in the bottom of her fridge. I harvested about 8 eyes and they are growing very well. I agree that you plant the eyes that are sprouting and cook the rest. i use sweet potato to thicken soups and stwens instead of flour.

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