How do you know when limes are ready for harvesting?

Limes limes limes
Limes limes limes

My dad has a lime tree in the back garden that is covered in fruit. He wants to know when he should harvest them. I told him they didn’t get yellow and also didn’t get that large – any other tips?

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does it not have something to do with how soft and juicy they are? they softer and juicier, the riper?

When you can make mojitos that hark back to Havana Vieja, by which time you wouldn’t care if the limes are ripe, like any pirate or other colourful Caribbean

Limes seem to slowly swell out and then stop. When you notice that they don’t seem to be getting bigger, you must harvest them.

Mol-d is right , give them a squeeze and feel if they juicy and soft , then they are ready. We have a lime tree in our garden and ours are ready now! I have so many not sure what to do with them, maybe make lime pickle?

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