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Hayseeds, a pop-up shop located in Brooklyn catering to DIY urban farming and beekeeping

I heard an interview on SAFM last week about the alarming state of food security in South Africa, particularly for more economically vulnerable sectors of society. There was much talk about farmers and their costs, and supermarkets and their prices, but not enough talk on practical do-it-yourself food growing, which is a trend around the world.

Check out this awesome interview with a New York-based organisation which helps facilitate people, in an urban environment, become slightly less dependent on buying food.

Through curated supplies, workshops, and reaffirming a do-it-yourself approach, Hayseed bridges independent urban gardeners with the know-how they need to be successful in tending to their urban gardens. We caught up with Megan about how amongst other things, Hayseed’s hopes to take pressure off of an already strained food system.

Tell us a little about Hayseeds. Can you share some of the back story behind Hayseeds and also what prompted a pop-up store?

My partners over at Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm and I had been ordering pallets of organic chicken feed and distributing it from their loading dock to other chicken owners to save money. We started thinking about how in other aspects of our urban farming projects we had a hard time getting a fair price on goods and tools unless we ordered larger quantities…people in the community were interested in pitching in and chipping away at mountains of potting mix so we figured now was the time to start doing this sort of thing in an actual storefront. We met Trish and Maureen from Domestic Construction this fall and fell in love with their energy and style and just a few months later, here we are.

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Hayseeds Pop-up Shop. Source: PSFK
Hayseeds Pop-up Shop. Source: PSFK

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