You say potato, I say organic, home-grown potato!

The other day I noticed a potato in a quiet corner of the kitchen sprouting some shoots. I’ve since transplanted it to an old tin and it seems to be thriving. The next step is to move it to a large pot and (hopefully) in the next few months I will be harvesting organic potatoes.

Any advice for a first time potato-farmer? Will the plant be happy in a pot? How long until the plant is ready to harvest and how will I know?


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As soon as the flowers have died the potatoes should be ready to harvest.

Be warned, once you harvest your own home-grown potatoes, you will be addicted LOL

By the way, the potato should be covered with soil – building the soil up and round the potato stem grows, until it is at least an 8″ to 1′ mound.

The idea of growing in a tyre is a good one, Mouldy.
Once you see the potato plant growing you add another tyre, fill with soil and so on.

I think if I remember correctly, after 3 tyres you should get quite a healthy crop of potatoes.

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