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I don’t like cricket…

I love it! No, I actually don’t. But a few of my friends are bona fide cricket nerds so when we received this Kriki for Shore set, I went straight to them to try out. The official blurb is that Kriki for Shore are “beach cricket sets that help clean up beaches while educating young South Africans on the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling waste. Each Kriki for Shore beach cricket set is created using waste material including plastic and bottle-tops collected from South African beaches, creating work opportunities for coastal community crafters and waste collectors.”

They look pretty great but the real test was going to be on the beach. Along with the cricket enthusiasts and my French brother-in-law, definitely not a cricket nerd, let alone cricketer, we went down to Clifton 3 on a fairly busy day to give it a go. It was great fun! Not only does this set look cool but it is functional for a contained game of beach cricket – that is, one where you don’t have to constantly apologise to other beach goers for running the ball (and sand) through their picnic. In part, this is due to the hollowed out plastic bat, which the¬†cricket¬†nerds agreed was the least appealing part of the set. Nevertheless, it served us well as a sturdier bat might have resulted in more ‘boundaries’ and more irate beach goers. Check out more about Kriki for Shore on Facebook and Twitter.

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