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Gimme some soil…


I live in Edgemead and I need to buy soil for raised beds and plants – various herbs, vegetables will go into these beds. Where can I get good quality soil from?


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Hi Penny

I’ve just driven along Umhlanga Rocks Drive and there is a big mound of earth and sign that says “Free Soil”. Not sure of its quality and you would need to collect it yourself … but its free 🙂

Hi Penny…I know that this is a very time consuming way to do it but here goes.
Old newspaper, cardboard, straw, compost , manure etc go a long way to creating a good growing medium.
You could also throw in a few red triggers for acceleration.

I looked on OLX and found someone giving away the soil when they dug out the garden to build a pool. Keep in mind this is not topsoil and you would need copius amounts of compost to get it fertile. Start your own compost heap and do small portions at a time. I have made enough soild for 3 2×1 metre raised beds in 6 months.

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