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Indian Mynas!

HALLO DAAR. Jammer ek kan nie in Engels skryf nie, ek is te ontsteld. Ek bly in die Vrystaat, sien. Hier het ‘n Indiese spreeu in my swaeltjie nes ingetrek. Gee asb dringend raad. Hoe kry ek hom uit en weg. asb liewer weg?!
Lets try the English. On my front stoop there’s a nest where the swallows nest every year. Mostly their nest falls down after a storm , or so I thought. But this year I saw some Indian Myna birds in the trees in front of the stoop. Now the swallow nest is taken over by the Myna’s and the opening enlarged. Can anybody please help me to get rid of the parasite?
Alida van Wyk

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